My Attempt to Dye White Dingy Sheets

So my crisp white sheets are a dingy tannish color now. Yup! I said it! No shame! I know Iโ€™m not the only one! I can be real about it! ๐Ÿ˜

Iโ€™ve had this old box of navy blue RIT dye laying around seriously for about 15 years just always in my art box. I havenโ€™t dyed anything since design school which was uhm...well a long ass time ago, but I was doing laundry and I saw them sheets and I thought UGHHHH. I mean they are clean sheets though! Really! IDK.

Anyway, so I threw the sheets in the tub with the dye and some water and now I got blue sheets. Instant fix!! Check out the pics! Just thought I'd share this little mini moment of excitement.

โฌ†โฌ†โฌ†Yes, I did wash my freshly dyed sheets with other stuff only because I had one set of laundry quarters left and yes it stained those other white sheets, but those are getting dyed soon anyway. ๐Ÿ‘