SajaEgo Shop & Blog!

I decided to start a little shop and blog as my creative outlet to share my fashion design and sewing knowledge that I've learned from design school, my creative mentors, and my own trial and error over the years. I hope it to be helpful and inspiring. My sewing machines, sketchbook, and I fueled on matcha, whip up designs with lots of love and quality. I share my crazy journey in this creative life with DIY, fashion, sewing tutes, creative business tips, naturals beauty & cleaning concoctions, motivations, and life chats. 


Even after busting my ass through fashion design school I caved in and abandoned my creative passion for the corporate route.   Working a 9-5 was just a more acceptable way. I have gained so many life skills and met some amazing mentors on that path. They were the ones who made me realize my creative worth and gave me the motivational push I needed to apply myself to...myself, to build something that I truly enjoy and share my creative life.

Designing a life of creativity and freedom is bliss for me so I'm bringing everybody with me!


Smiles+Freedom through Creativity 


I derive my colorful expression from two of my major anchors in life- my father, a creative sketcher and innovative builder, with the entrepreneur skills of my mother, a flawless designer and seamstress. Much of my style has roots in: video game characters, anime/comic book art- childish things, as well as architectural design, music, and practicality. I love soft natural fabrics that feel good for lounging and drape the body with a flattering fit. 


I hope that my creative pursuits can help influence, motivate, jump start & domino effect others to achieve their creative life. 

Whilst believing in both snowball effects and my snowballโ€™s chance in hell, My machines are threaded, locked, and loaded! I'm ready!
Thank You much for journeying along.