Quick Pattern Tip: For all my Ancient Paper Pattern Drafters :)

Christmas paper patterndrafting
Christmas paper patterndrafting

So I'm a designer on a budget and can't afford all that fancy expensive pattern drafting paper. I am one of the last few that still drafts on paper, but I'm working on teaching myself how to do it using Illustrator. Not Easy!! Till then, I'm still using the ancient method of pencil, paper and rulers. :) 

Anyway, About a week after Christmas I head straight to Biglots, Target, & Walmart and stock up on those tall massive rolls of Christmas wrapping paper because they mark it down 50% to 70% off!! Baller on a budget!!!!

The back side of the paper is perfecto for pattern drafting and makes a perfect straight fold when you absolutely need 90 degree straight lines.

Also you can screw up as much as you want and not have to try to save and tape together every little scrap of that fancy expensive drafting paper anymore!! :)