DIY Yoga Flow Pants Video Tutorial! YAY

Finally!!!! First DIY video! Simple yoga pants tutorial from how to make the pattern to sewing it up. There is also the option to buy the pattern in my shop too if you don't feel like making one. The pattern comes together with a jogger pant style. Pattern graphic and link to shop at the bottom of this post.

Best for use with 4-way stretch fabric
with at least 40% or more stretch in both
directions. For example, Cotton Spandex
or Knit Jersey.

Yoga Style Cut List:
A Front Leg - Cut 2
B Back Leg - Cut 2
C Waistband - Cut 2
D Pocket - Cut 4 (optional)

Sewing Tools:
Zigzag/stretch stitch Sewing machine or Serger
Pins or clips
Fabric marking pen or chalk
Scissors or Rotary cutter
Measuring ruler or tape
Twin Needle for hem (optional)

Main Ingredients:
2” [5cm] wide elastic
Stretch Knit Fabric with at least 40% stretch 4 ways
Knit fusible tape stabalizer for hem (optional)

My methods of sewing and patternmaking are not always traditional and rarely by the book. Sometimes I do things in my own way because it just works better for me. In sewing or anything creative I'm all for breaking a rule or two and trying new tricks and if they work then I stick to that method. :)

DIY Yoga Pants SajaEgo
DIY Yoga Pants SajaEgo
DIY Yoga Pants SajaEgo
DIY Yoga Pants SajaEgo
DIY Yoga Pants SajaEgo
DIY Yoga Pants Tutorial SajaEgo

NEW! PDF Sewing Pattern in the Shop!

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Sewing Tools that I can't function without: 

Tender Touch Sulky Interfacing  
Sewing Clips  
Adjustable Dressform 
Rotary Scissors 
Sidewinder Bobbin winder 
Fusible Knit Stay tape 

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