That Bamboo fitted Tee Though!!

Men's Tee came out perfecto! Midnight, Bamboo, Oh so soft on the abs, Fitted neck, Fitted sleeves, slim fit, simple and sexay!

TIPS!!! That worked for me!

*Used a good trick on the collar that locked the seam allowances so they wouldn't slip while stitching the collar on:

*Ballpoint machine needles and pins are a must! I snagged the Sh$! out of my fabric before I stopped being lazy and changed the needle!

*Copying patterns from clothes that already fit perfect make the perfect fitting pattern! Made the pattern from his favorite Tee shirt.

*Stay Tape used in the Back Shoulder helps keep the seams from stretching out eventually.

*Rotary Cutter is your bestfriend!!

*Sewing with a Serger made life much easier but can be done with the zigzag stitch on a conventional machine or a sew and stretch-as-u-go straight stitch. 

*Cut the collar 15%-17% less than the full neckline measurement.   i.e  20.5 inch neckline - 17% = 17 inch collar (plus add .25 Seam allowance all around)

*Sew the Shoulders first, then sew the sleeve in before closing the side seams

*Collar: Pin 4 corners and Stretch the collar as you sew

*Iron the seams for a clean look 

*Used a Zigzag stitch to hem the sleeve and bottom. A double needle would look more proffessional. A coverstitch machine would be dreamy. 


Men Bamboo Slim Tee
Men Bamboo Slim Tee
Men Bamboo Slim tee Shoulder & Sleeve hem
Men Bamboo Slim tee Shoulder & Sleeve hem