Less droop in my pants...well at least my Harem pants ;)

I like less droop in my crotch. LOL In all honesty, I USE to not like harem pants. I could not understand why the whole droopy crotch thing was cute, but then a friend asked me to make her a onesy style fit with the harem drop crotch and I decided to just do a mini drop because she needed to dance in the piece and the crotch dragging the floor might mess up a few moves. She looked so awesome that I wanted to make me a pair, but just the mini drop Harem pants part of it and see if I like....and I love!! and of course I do have some fabric left, but only enough to make one extra pair! So if anyone is interested I can do made to order X-Small to XX-Large

Purchases are through my etsy shop: www.sajaego.etsy.com

Thanks for checking out my post! Muah!