Organizing my fabric stash...old school style...rolodex & tape baby!

So I tried the whole digital fabric filing thing and took pictures of all my fabrics and kept spreadsheets with all the information.That lasted all of 2 weeks. The pictures are sometimey and the spreadsheet is practically blank. So one day I came across this rolodex and thought what a great swatch holder! So I started filing all my fabric swatches in it and now I never use the digital files. I grab my rolodex anytime I need to reference my stash and it's soooo much faster. I keep it right on my cutting table. Analog organization wins this time! I file the swatches in alphabetical order by fabric type. For example, I file all Lace under the letter "L", Knits under "K" and so on.  It helps me to have a quick reference of my fabric stats. I write the fabric content, source, price, the width and weight on the back of each swatch card.