DIY: One Hot Mini Skirt Coming Right up!!!

My Top of the Line Free Camera phone is a Piece of Crap so the pics are the most horrible quality existent, but check out the oh so sexay mini! Super easy to make and added a little lace peekaboo just to give it a lil extra sexy. :)  Sorry the instructions flip flop from present to past tense. I was dog tired trying to create those captions. :) Goodnight All!

Zoom in or Download to read the tiny bubbles better :)

Always My goto TIPS!:

  • Steam or Iron the seams for a clean look 
  • Ballpoint machine needles and pins are a must! 
  • Copying patterns from clothes that already fit perfect make the perfect fitting pattern!
  • Rotary Cutter is your best friend!!
  • Using a serger/overlock to sew knits. Makes my life easier and allows the seams to stretch.
  • Using the 3-thread narrow overlock stitch gives me a nice narrow seam, but using a 4-thread stitch gives me a stronger seam.
  • Using the same color thread gives it a much more professional look
  • I like to use wax paper or tear away stabilizer paper underneath my stitching when I use my regular sewing machine for knits. the paper helps it feed smooth since knit fabric likes to bunch itself into the feed dog. Then I just tear away the paper.
  • Take into account the "Butt Lift" effect that the hem will have for dresses and skirts. Make the hem a little longer in the back to make it even with the hem in the front when the butt lifts the back of the garment up a little. :)