No More Mantras and Big Task “Do it or Die” Life lists!! Talk About Stress!!

I am so done with reading my daily mantras.  Reading them started to feel more stressful rather than being uplifting. Here is this massive list of things and character I was envisioning for my life. I was reading them everyday and churning away trying to be productive and be a step closer every second. But the more and more I read them, the longer they got and the more I would add. That just meant more expectations. I took a good look at this list and just felt so unaccomplished. They were all extra big life things to do! Like this s*** is going to take forever!! 

I said no more. I didn't need any of it to be happy.  I like my character as is. I have everything I need to survive and I have more than enough to be happy with. Yes, I hate my crap apartment, but it's cozy, clean, it's my own place and is a decent roof over my head. If the opportunity comes to get a better roof one day, Oh Best believe I'll take it!! But until then I can surely be happy with not living on the streets.

I decided to do a mind switch and just be happy with the things I have in life. It doesn't mean I'm going to just stop trying to make it better, but I'm okay with not stressing myself over what I don't have, what I'm not sure of, or the not knowing of how things will be. I'm going to keep working on me and my life on a day to day basis and let the things and the plan that is ahead for me come naturally. Forcing it, sweating bullets, overworking, and thinking it's what I want or need is no value to my life. And that big list may not even be what is best for me or the timing may be really off.  I think I finally got the meaning of letting go and let things naturally flow. Even if that means refocusing on something new, different, old or staying focused on now, that is what I'd rather be doing to find my happy place. It's a lot less stressful this way. I know deep down that love, freedom, sunny beaches, and success will not only come to me but to everyone in my life and domino effect from there. Now with that said, I do want to rewrite a few short relaxing mantras and there are a few motivational ones that still hold much value in reading. I just won't give myself these pressing "Do it or die" forced goals anymore and let my life flow organically.