How Can We Do Better...

We are so intricately built. I guess my wonder is why were we built to survive here in this particular world of all the universe. I know we were taught to live in this world but not be of this world, but this world is where we have to live. We naturally sleep to wake up right back to this life everyday. We reset here. Yes, we can meditate, pray, and daydream to move through our minds looking for God and meanings or just mentally detaching for some relief from reality. Those methods last only for moments and our minds naturally return back to this reality. I read that we were given the gifts to create a beautiful life even though the world events make it look so ugly. I hope so. I do think we are suppose to somehow work together to create and do something good with this place. If we can accomplish that then maybe a true beautiful life beyond the test of this world will reveal.

This world can’t be for nothing. I can’t believe that we are forced to be in it, but mentally remain out of it and reject it. Not everything has gone to shit and wasted, right? There are good things hidden here to enjoy...artistic people to create with, beautiful souls and sweet hearts here to fall in love with, and amazing little moments and food to indulge in. I want to believe that just because we are here trying to figure out why and how to survive doesn’t mean we can’t truly live and discover the resources of creating a better lifestyle.

A lot of the evil world...foul people, ways, mentality, rape, violence, and ignorance seems to be winning over most of the earth, but we still have to wake up like clockwork along side the mess and live in the same world shoulder to shoulder with it all. I mean since we have to be here everyday, we could try to make the most and best of it. There has to be a lot of us who don’t want to contribute to the ignorant movement and want to add to the quality of life. I want to try to be one of those examples and be a positive light. I want to take my mind off auto pilot and not live the drone life way of the world. I want to get myself a life project and focus and pursue it passionately to create the life I was meant to live.

I think we all can change the way we live by changing the way we think. Get out of our stereotypes and take people out of our stereotypes. Strip off these labels. Take off our mask and be our authentic true self. It might hurt a feeling or two but at least it’s honest.

We can choose to set our standards and morals higher than what is expected of us and keep working on our focus daily. Even though we often stand right next to evil, I believe the good in us never stands down if we just keep trying to overpower negative and evil with compassion, and ask for some grace along the way to not lose our ground. Some days and moments our minds slip backwards here and there. We just have to accept those days and take some quiet time to sit in silence, relax, rest our minds, let go, and try to reset the next day.

Visualizing and reflecting daily on our life, working out the kinks of our character, and working on consistency I think can help us be better as a people. I try to practice and remember these things everyday. It’s not easy. It does take time and practice. We have to want to change though. I think we all have individual talents and gifts, but then it’s on us to start teaching ourselves to master and become great at those gifts and allow them to guide us to what we are meant to do. There has to be a life worth living...full of results, freedom, love and a mind set of positive purpose. I want to live creatively and freely and live it with others on the same journey and show others how I did it...pass it on...domino effect.

We have to see our character and choose how we want to behave and realize that how we choose to carry ourselves impacts each other’s lives daily. Maybe we can learn to actually care about each other and see past color, cultural boundaries and stop stereotyping ourselves and each other. To really work on being one people by sharing our talents, cultures, find that closeness, let people in, and appreciate each other. We have to learn to consistently and genuinely love and give it, accept it, trust it, and mean it. There in that love, I think maybe we find God.  

-Love, SajaEgo