7 Ways To Eat More Veggies!

How I started eating more vegetables.


So I was working on a customer's shirt alteration, taking in his old favorite jersey.
But it surprised me when I cut off a whopping 8 inches from the sides.


HE LOST 80 POUNDS! (Without Surgery!)

Just good old morning walks, exchanging soda for water and eating more fresh veggies and fruits.

I was so impressed and happy to do such a major transformation alteration.

I am not an adult about eating my veggies so I decided I need to do better if I want to avoid future ailments & be active and poppin in my 80s, right!

My seven ways that have helped me get in my vegetables and actually look forward to them.


Literally throw any fruits and veggies you have in the fridge into a high power blender and drink your vegetables. I like to combo my greens with a couple of fruits for sweetness and a dollop of yogurt to give it a smooth tasty texture. This blend your fridge method works great too when you have been denying your fruits and veggies and they sat in the fridge too long. So before they go bad...throw em in the blender and just gulp em down.


You can chat with the local farmers and this is also a great support to help support the community. I tend to stay in my house a lot so this is a good way to force me outside to mingle with the people. They always have some delicious odd booth foods to munch too. So get out the house, enjoy the fresh air, get in a nice walk, and do your weekly shopping at the farmers market.


Literally throw any veggies you have in the fridge into a big pot of boiling water. I make some random ass soups with my denied vegetables. You can soup anything...cabbage, carrots, radish, mushrooms, bok choi, kale, spinach, onion, garlic, squash, celery.

Sometimes all I have left are potatoes...then potato cracked pepper soup it is! I throw down on some soup. I can eat soup for breakfast, snack, side it with my dinner for days straight. Just cook a big pot and warm it on the stove everyday and grub till it's gone!


Going vegetarian or vegan for a day helped me a lot. I got really creative coming up with meals to eat replacing meat with vegetables. Mushroom eggplant pasta, everything in the fridge stir fry over rice, Oatmeal with apples & blueberries. 


They call these CSA Deliveries which is short for Community Supported Agriculture. Support your local farmers and you can get your veggies delivered to your front door! It does not get any easier.


I found my favorite on yelp searching under "csa delivery".

Greenhearts Family Farm based out of San Francisco delivers to most of the Bay Area. This is not a sponsored post. I just really love their stuff. I recently got my first box of veggies and ๐Ÿฅฐ ohhhhh it was gorgeous and the fruits and veggies were so fresh and colorful and you get a lot of variety! Made me instantly start looking up recipes for dinner. I was truly impressed and their customer support is so personal.

Seriously CSA delivery veggies...a great way to try new stuff that you would never think to pick up. Again, it is also a great support for your local farmers and I don't have to leave my house! Delivered to the front door! Hermit approved! 

6. BOWL OF ....

I Keep a bowl of grapes (or strawberries or blueberries) in the front of the fridge. Uncovered, washed & preferrably in a clear bowl. Clear bowls just makes food look so  good to me so Whenever I open the fridge, the grapes are just right there looking so delicious. Easy to grab a few and pop em in my mouth while I'm looking for the milk.


I have gotten into the habit of keeping a bowl of bite size veggies in my fridge. I just cut up enough for the week and with every dinner add a little bit as a side. Doesnt have to be a traditional salad. Say you got apples, carrots & cabbage....cut all that up & Just add a couple spoonfuls alongside your dinner. Add a little of your fav dressing if you don't like the veggies plain. Say all you have is an apple...cut it up & add that to dinner. Doesnt have to be fancy just get your veggies in the best you can.