Summer...Sexy Changes around here! Starting with my Insecurities :)

I do not wake up camera ready, cute, full of confidence, feeling sexy, none of that. It takes me some serious motivation. I am usually deep in my pajamas with my hair upside my head and I never want to leave my house.

I want to be more confident about myself, be more proud of what I have, and love myself, but I have my insecure issues, just like most people.

I don't feel comfortable being the center of attention and I get embarrassed if I let loose too much. I overanalyze every conversation trying to determine if I said something right, laughed too hard, was I offensive, or maybe I made a bad face. It's seriously too much and I've realized I am missing out on my life! Who cares if I didn't say it right and make weird faces. I'm awkward and I'm okay with that. So what if my body is not perfect. I should be appreciative to have a body that functions and keeps me alive. I have one life to enjoy and that means not hiding and embracing everything I have, the good and the imperfect, and If someone doesn't like it, WHO CARES! I'm me and I come with all the quirks. :) I know this writing didn't make much sense, but sometimes I have to just get things out and it never comes out grammatically correct, but I sure do feel better.

I don't even know how this pic pertains to this post, but I seriously wanted to just do my first show off of these cute San Francisco Disco night shoes my friend got me to cheer me up when I was feeling unsexy. Love my support team. ;)