@DIYMeesha for the love of a grinding fellow designer...You will be missed. Your Creativity will always Inspire.

Her Creativity lives on...Amazing Creative, Young sewer and designer with a major popular Youtube following including myself, One of my inspirations for doing what I do and why I never stop grinding and designing. I sat today to watch one of her DIY dress videos and skimmed through the comments and my heart hit the floor finding out that she was shot & killed by her ex boyfriend a couple of months ago. She was a mother, a wife, and something amazing with fabric & a sewing machine. I only knew her through her Youtube sewing videos and I learned quite a bit from them so to me she is a sister in design, sewing, fashion, and a real example of the grind of it all and I have to take my hat off to her because she definitely inspired me to see a path for my own design life. Sending nothing but love to her family and may her creativity keep inspiring young designers. Keep sewing, keep sketching, keep learning, never stop grinding at what you love. Creative for life.